Introduction…about the author

Hi, I am a currently a Physical Therapist in Pittsburgh and I created this blog to share some of my experiences in our profession with others. I graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2013 and have spent considerable time improving my skills by learning some of the more  popular concepts of treatment. I am not a singular therapist…meaning one that is solely invested in only one type of treatment such as Mackenzie/Mulligan/biomechanical/Pain/movement impairment syndrome based…but rather a young therapist attempting to take all those skills/concepts and combine them into a singular treatment plan. If I had to specify my approach to treating my patients it would include something like:

Pain education/science -> Mackenzie -> Manual therapy -> movement based/motor control/SFMA exercise regimen

I question many of our basic concepts and am always eager to learn. I am not perfect and I do not have all the answers! I will rant and rave occasionally about random topics (I get emotional in regards to our profession and some terrible treatment plans that I have seen out there). I will consistently bring most of my posts back around to the concepts of pain and the central nervous system as well as motor control vs strength.

I want to learn a lot from myself with this blog and I hope that I am able to help others along the way. Let this journey begin!

TJ Slowik PT DPT


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